Keynote Speaker Jan Ozer

Agenda #STSWE17 (09:00 - 17:00)

Low-Latency Streaming

  • What cause delays in a broadcast network? Anders Cedronius will explain the different factors that leads up to the glass to glass delay.
  • Low-Latency streaming will be a crucial success factor for live streaming. Will Law from Akamai will talk about Low-latency CMAF chunks and the standardization efforts around this.

Server-side Ad Insertion

  • Bonnier Broadcasting and TV4 Play has been a pioneer in the Nordics to use server-side dynamic ad insertion for on demand and live content. Marcus Lindén will share his insights and experiences and challenges that remains with this technology. 
  • Server-side ad insertion and programmatic buying is making it more difficult to use ad blockers and it also provides a more seamless experience for the viewer, but introduce a challenge to ensure that legal requirements are followed. David Springall together with Andy Jones will describe the background of this problem and present a solution on how this can be solved

Quality Based Encoding

  • Minimizing the amount of data sent not only saves CDN storage but also improves accessibility where available bandwidth is lower. Carl Lindqvist and Johan Skaneby will walk us through how you could compress video streams primarily by quality and not only by bitrate.

Metadata and Content Discovery

  • Metadata is crucial for a good content discovery for online streaming. Arash Pendari will talk about the importance of metadata and how data can be used to create good user experience and reduce churn.

How to build scalable streaming solutions

  • Why develop an in-house CDN? Fredrik Widlund will talk about the events leading up to Swedish Television deciding to develop an in-house CDN, and the key factors in making this a successful undertaking.
  • How to build a scalable live origin setup presented by John Håkansson and Markus Eskola from Fastly
  • Lovisa Dahl from will present how uses machine learning to make real-time delivery-decisions in the client to optimize the end user experience.


  • Jai Krishnan will talk about AV1 and status of the codec from Alliance for Open Media and Jonatan Samuelsson will update us with the latest news from the MPEG standardization efforts around HEVC.

Virtual Reality

  • Building commercial VR applications for the streaming industry and beyond. Accedos José Somolinos and VR SCI Group Elena Malakhatka, share their experiences.