The Community

The community

Join the Streaming Tech Sweden community and participate in the discussions about current and future technology challenges in video, streaming and VR. Our community uses Slack as the communication platform. Just fill in your email here and we’ll invite you to the Slack group. We hope you will join and contribute to this community with your knowledge and ideas. See you on Slack!


The Streaming Tech Sweden community was started in 2016 by Eyevinn Technology with the tech conference #STSWE16 in November that year. The purpose is to bring professionals in this area together and to provide a virtual and physical meeting place where ideas and knowledge are shared.


We use a public Slack group as the virtual meeting place. Join this Slack group if you want to:
- Extend your professional network in video, streaming and VR tech
- Be informed on current technology challenges
- Participate in the discussions of current and future technology challenges
- Gain knowledge and learn from other experts in the area
- Share knowledge and help others


There are a number of “official” channels available:
#introductions: Here you write a short introduction on who you are when you have recently joined.
#streamingtechswe: This is the default channel. Every week a new dicussion topic is selected. It is of course allowed to initiate other topics here as well.
#stswe17: Discuss suggestions and ideas for the next Streaming Tech Sweden conference.
#events: Post announcements of local events where we could meet here. Feel free to create topic channels for discussing specific topics. Prefix the channel name with `#topic-`. E.g. `#topic-mpegdash` where MPEG DASH related topics are discussed.


1. In this forum the main subject is video, streaming and VR tech so be on topic.
2. Be respectful. Not everyone may share your view and opinions.
3. No raciscm, sexism and other forms of harassments are tolerated.
4. Pure advertisements and announcements not related to this forum will be removed.

Administrators and moderators are Jonas Birmé ( and Magnus Svensson (